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We are here to help guide and improve the small podcasts of the podcasting world!

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We are a small group looking to expand upon the needs of small-time podcasters wanting to grow their audience.

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We are accepting donations for people who like what we are doing. The money will be going towards the website and the things we want to do for our podcasts. None of what we are doing is free and we welcome the help. Thanks in advance!


We provide advertisements paid and unpaid with social media, outbrain, via other podcasts, and other outlets. Also we want to pay for your hosting, handle audio transcribing for you, help you out with your website or podcast, episode artwork, editing, and producing of your podcast. One more thing with our sponsor 13 Apparel we have the option to provide our podcasts with cheap but high quality t-shirt merch. If this all sounds appealing and you have a podcast or want to start one keep scrolling!

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We need to review your podcast and it needs to be accepted first. Even if we don’t choose your podcast we still love you.

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